The 5 Common Spiritual paths

Spirituality is like an eclectic rainbow: there are endless varieties of paths and practices out there.

What matters is that you choose something that feels true to you.

And remember, what you like and need now will likely evolve in the future. Why? The reason is that you’re an eternally evolving creature! When you stop going through changes, you are in a state of living death (and that’s obviously not healthy or beneficial!).

So don’t be afraid to dabble, then commit to something that feels true to you.

To keep this section succinct, I’ve divided the following paths and practices into the most common approaches to spirituality clearly seen in this day and age. (Keep in mind that some practices and paths can/do overlap):

Earth-Based Spirituality

(connection with the earth or the material realm as a gateway to the Divine)

Metaphysical Spirituality

(connection with the non-material realm as a gateway to the Divine)

Body-Based Spirituality

(using the body as a gateway to the Divine)

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi / Qi Gong
  • Breathwork
  • Tantra
  • Chanting / Mantras
  • Dancing

Heart-Based Spirituality

(using the heart as a gateway to the Divine)

Mind-Based Spirituality

(using the mind as a gateway to the Divine)

Image of the five types of spiritual paths by lonerwolf

It’s impossible to include every single spiritual path/practice here, but I hope you now have a smorgasbord of options to explore.

Remember, spirituality is like a tree. Some paths and practices are closer to the central trunk; the ultimate goal of spirituality which is awakening, Oneness, and liberation from suffering. Other paths and practices, on the other hand, form the peripheral twigs: they’re still important, but perhaps to a lesser degree.

It’s up to you to ultimately figure out what your ultimate spiritual goal is, and what practices are going to help you get there. Really, that’s the joy that comes with walking your own spiritual path.