Introduction to Spirituality

Many of us have explored Spirituality in our own ways. Although this quest is very individual (i.e., we all have our own personal definition of Spirituality), it is collective in spirit. This is because Spirituality in people’s minds is synonymous with a search for meaning, for purpose and direction in life.

People get attracted to Spirituality and embark on their spiritual journeys for different reasons. Generically, there are a few main reasons for this.

  • Curiosity about the spiritual dimension : This includes seeking answers to the more profound questions in life such as – what is the purpose of life, where did I come from and where do we go after death ?
  • When facing a problem in life : Insurmountable problems in life are often a catalyst for people to search for an answer to their problems beyond the purview of modern science. This includes approaching an astrologer, a psychic or a holy man.
  • Interested in spiritual healing : The ability to heal by channelising subtle energies is an art that has been pursued for millennia.
  • Interested in personality improvement : Wanting to be a better person can lead one to Spirituality and a more spiritual way of life.
  • Wanting to grow spiritually : Some of us have an innate need to grow spiritually and do not need a catalyst to push us towards Spirituality.

For those who seek the meaning of Spirituality there is much literature that can be found on the web. However, this presents another problem as one may get confused as to what to choose as an accurate definition. In this article, we provide the definition of Spirituality and provide practical insights about Spirituality.

Spirituality and the purpose of life

At some point of time in our lives some of us begin to wonder – Is this it ?

Is this all there is to life – for example – getting a good education, earning money, getting a loan, purchasing a car, getting an even bigger loan, purchasing a house, purchasing a bigger house, achieving success and recognition in some field, raising a family and then ultimately we die ? Some of us may begin to wonder whether life has any higher purpose.

For those of us who have gone through this stage of introspection, it is like something has shifted deep within us. For some of us, such feelings have propelled us to embark on our own spiritual journeys.

According to the science of Spirituality, there are really only 2 reasons for being born :

  • The first purpose of life is to complete one’s destiny or karma that one is born with.
  • The second and more important purpose of life is to grow spiritually.

Practising Spirituality as per universal principles helps with both these purposes. It helps to burn adverse destiny that causes us unhappiness and it also helps us to grow spiritually.