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~Manifesting Bonuses~

Bonus #1 : 7 Day Prayer Miracle

Do you yearn for a glorious life filled with love, peace and abundance?
Here’s a magical 4-sentence prayer that unleashes a waterfall of blessing
It’s a hidden mythical mantra that acts like a Magic Jetpack.
You simply need to strap it on. And then…
You’re like an angel in flight.
Those low-vibration troubles and worries? GONE! Left in the pit where it belongs.
Best of all, its backed by BOTH science and the supernatural.
Are you starting to get inspired yet?
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Bonus #2 : The Manifestation Magic

 What if you could just click “Play” to listen to a short, “musical tone”…
And suddenly attract MORE MONEY into your life?
I’m talking about hundreds… even thousands of dollars!
Sound too EASY? Think it couldn’t possibly be REAL?!?
Well, I’ve got news for you my friend..
Sometimes the most magical blessings in life are also the EASIEST!
In fact, I’m going to PROVE it to you by letting you listen to a real-life “miracle money tone” I developed…
You just click the button below, “Play” and watch as your abundance angels fly into your life… starting pretty much right away…

Bonus #3 : 15 Minutes Manifestation

Do you know the truth to live a better life?
It’s your own limiting beliefs that are programmed
in your subconscious…
That’s BLOCKING the money, success and fist-pumping
breakthroughs you want, need and deserve…
From easily becoming your reality.
The good news is…
A Brand new technology is changing everything.
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And discover how to “reprogram” your subconscious…

Bonus #4 : Who Are Your Guardian Angels?

Did you know?
On the day you were born, these three divine beings chose you.
They’ve been watching over you all your life.
Now, they have a message only you can hear.
Open that today, and discover who you were born to be…
And how to connect with your three archangels…
Who have been waiting for this moment your whole life..
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